Planetmaskinen med lacer, som bruges til solur plotter

Planet Machine

how do i draw the sundial – i use a machine that i have made – the planet machine

Information text about the planet machine

How was the planet machine created and why.

In 1994, there fell a comet down to the planet Jupiter – we were told that one might see the fallout of an ordinary binoculars if you directed it toward Jupiter in the sky – I went out on the balcony, but I could not find Jupiter – I thought something must be done.
During the two years that went before the machine was finished, made me more models and read in the modern scientific literature of the heavenly bodies – there was no way forward with the help of modern science – but then I found the old engraving from the past science and used the old worldviews f. ex. Tycho Brahe’s worldview (which is actually justifiable, even today – see note -)
Here I found a much simpler, and equally correct description of the ecliptic and planetary movements.
I could now build the earth’s rotation and the ecliptic movement into the machine, by thinking of the celestial realms and their movements seen here from our location on Earth.

The first machine I built was with 21 engines – it should move so that the ten clock hands being pressed constantly pointed at their respective celestial bodies – it was actually built and ran a few years – it had to be entered each month with data from efemeriden to the computer-controlled motors – 3 different IT experts promised me to make a program for continuous operation, but all gave up and went bankrupt.
The machine has been exhibited only on Astrology house in Copenhagen looked at Ole Røhmer museum in body pedal in Taastrup.

The next machine I built was small hand models, which are manually adjusted – it’s small, I use today.

The pictures: from the folder from the inauguration of the planet machine in 1996 in Astrology house in Copenhagen with the text from the inauguration – the machine as it looked – disc machine and the hands – the disc is 120 cm in diameter – at Ole Røhmer museum staff put small labels with names on soltegnene – mechanics behind the washer and the komutator, which distributes power to the 20 of the engines to the hands – the last engine is the disc itself in accordance with the ecliptic movement it is not in the pictures.


Note –

How justified it Tychonic worldview.

ground center of the universe, in the tyhoniske world, the sun orbiting the Earth and the planets orbit the sun.

If you manufacture a model with all celestial bodies orbiting around each other, so the sun will be the heaviest and all other celestial bodies will circle around it. This is the world Copernican

But if we look at man’s position in the world picture, and at what world we are talking about when we talk about the world – the world of men beetle the total comprehensive and all explanatory world picture? – No it is not, not even today – so what can we say about man’s position in the world – we can say that our time and place in the world is on the ground in the time we are here and our world is formed by the experience and conditions we are subject here on earth we can then look in an area of ​​the world that is difficult to access because we can invent instruments and aids which can help us to form a picture of an otherwise inaccessible world.

Now, when we imagine the universe, then we say – it is infinite – already here should ordinary people get off – it has a most detailed of 14 billions light years – not that we can relate to – we can enumerate them one after the other unexplained phenomenon.

So one can in my opinion say that the starting point of our world picture is ground and the ground – regardless, it moves around the sun – is the center of our world – one can also say that no matter how far we can see into space and no matter how many missiles we can send up so happens all from the ground where we have our world.

I have used it Tychonic world picture, because for me it has been the most practical – but the most correct sense to have, today, is the Copernican worldview.